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Windows 7 Or Vista..?

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The Taskbar gets a major revamp in Windows 7, making it a lot more efficient and easier to use. For starters, the Taskbar can hold a lot more; buttons representing open programs are now square instead of rectangular, and they display only icons without showing name of the program or the open file.

Jump Lists, which are available either from the Taskbar or from the Start menu, provide an easy path to a program’s recently used files.Right-click on a Taskbar button (it doesn’t matter whether the application is open or not) to display the program’s Jump List, where you’ll see a list of the program’s recently opened files (or in the case of Internet Explorer, frequently visited Web sites). You can make an item always appear in the Jump List by pinning it there—just highlight the item and click on the adjacent pin icon. To access a Jump List from the Start menu, hold (i.e., hover) the mouse over an item with a right-facing arrow next to it.

Windows 7 provides several handy new ways to manipulate program windows. We already mentioned Aero Peek, which focuses attention on a specific window while relegating the others to transparent outlines. You can also use Aero Peek to make all open windows transparent, which lets you see through to the desktop underneath — just put the mouse over the thin box at the right edge of the Taskbar. To actually minimize all open windows, click on the same box.

Besides clutter, the other common notification area problem is that its icons are constantly vying for your attention with a steady stream of message balloons that frequently provide information that’s not important, or at least not immediately so.

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I have used Vista since its beta introduction and have had little problems. Bad press and people with old hardware which third parties failed to provide drivers for Vista was its down fall. Not to mention Apple ads and bad press. Windows 7 is the reincarnation of Vista with a more positive outlook. Like many products changing its name can make all the difference.

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Guest acluett89

Windows 7 is best.Because it has better features then the other.And Windows 7 is a vast improvement from Vista as it takes up much less ram and has other optimizations such as fast booting times. I recommend Windows 7, and if you really don't want vista and don't want to wait for the final version of Windows 7, you can download a copy of the Release Candidate from the Microsoft website for free and use it up till June of 2010. I am working with the Release Candidate right now and so far I have absolutely no complaints, considering Im a heavy computer use with advanced software.

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Guest juditheric

Vista was just a way for microsoft to make a crappy product and make people go buy windows 7. So glad I at least pre-ordered 7 for only $50 and much better then vista. No more random reboots, no waiting for startup and much better interface (that takes a little getting used to,)

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