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Help - Win 7 Login Problems After Style Changing


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I am working on a Snow Leopard msstyle for win7, everything goes fine, I can test the style, I can use it too... UNTIL the next reboot.

After I restarted my computer I enter my password in the logon screen... and it won't let me in, it just gives me back the logon screen with no error message that my password would be incorrect or anything else. It just wants me to enter my password to logon...again and again...

Only a startup recovery solved my problem and took me back to the time before I installed the msstyle.

Did anyone have problems like this one? did anyone solve this kind of problem and is using other styles too in the same time?

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I can't remember that I had any problems with shell32.dll or anything else... everything goes fine until i want to login after the next restart. Another restoring solution what I found is that I deleted the .theme and .msstyle files from the resource folder in safe mode and reboot. The dll files are for compatible too.

I don't know what to do to get it working properly :(

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Can I try your mstyle..? To see if on my os do same like on yours..

No ideea what else to say to you to try :(

PS: Oh, one more thing..do you customize msstyle using Vista Style Builder or by hand?

because I saw VS Builder not do the thing in a proper manner somehow...when importing winxp styles..especially

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