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Parental Controls Content Restrictions Do Not Work Correctly In Itunes?

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I cannot seem to get the content restrictions to fully work in the iTunes Store. The Content Restrictions state that I will not be able to preview, purchase or subscribe to content that is marked as explicit:


But after setting the Applications level to 4+ and making sure the "Restrict explicit content" box is checked:


I am still able to view apps for a 17+ audience. The "Entertainment" section of the App Store is filled with applications that feature sexually graphic content (i.e. pictures of nude women in suggestive positions.) The settings do stop me from purchasing the apps. The "Buy App/Get App" button is grayed out so I cannot get the app, but I am still able to preview the app, including screen shots of graphic content along with detailed descriptions.

Is there a step that I missed? How do I make the 17+ apps not visible? I do not want to disable the entire App store, just the explicit content.


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