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Mac Os X 10.5 Theme For Xfce4?

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I have a OLD laptop so it will only run Xubuntu 9.10.

I want to give it a good Mac OS X Leopard theme, but I can't find anything.

Mac4Lin will only work with GNOME or GTK based DE's but XFCE is partially based on GNOME/GTK, but not really compatible.

I do have a OS X 10.0 border style, but I want a Leopard look.

though only a border style, window style and icons.

I only have 192MB of RAM so a wallpaper takes too much memory, and I use the bottem panel so a dock would only get in the way.

I got a good window theme, called iRoll, but I still need icons and a window border, so if anyone knows one?

I got iRoll from xfce-look.org, but I can't find the rest.

O and I'd also like a cursor theme, I could only find cursor themes for gnome.

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