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Hello Everybody.

We are glad to present new XWindows Dock

Please feel free to say your minds about this project and its future to make it more usefull for people.

We are ready to receive donations from you.

We advise you 2 ways to donate:

1. You can click advertisement on XWindows Dock site

2. In process...

If anybody has an idea how to support us in another way — feel free to tell us, we will be very thankful.


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OMG! I can't believe that it's finally here!!! My congratulations to you BOBAH13, this version runs much smoother, great quality of the icons (suited for Win7), improved preferences, and the most notable improvement of all : you can move the dock, up, bottom, left right!! Can't wait for the final release of XWD 2.0 :)

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This is gold man. very good beta.

Love the drag and drop in the recycle bin (very useful)

Matonga`s stacks docklet v2 works like a charm to bad he didn't had time to finish it.

The drag and drop png on to icons is time saving but i think will be more useful to make a folder where the icons to be saved automatically (just a sugestion)

Looking forward for the final release

Oh yeah, and it works very fast on my old pc using Windows XP sp1


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Chinese language support please~And I hope publish the installing edition,thanks for sharing,BOBAH13~~~ :rolleyes:

You can make a installing edition yourself, its pretty easy ^^

and Bobah, I have a little request: on 5.6 when you need (or want) to uninstall you had to delete the dock folder. Can you make the installer this time with uninstall support? :)

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I just want to say great,awesome work Bobah and team!!! Will XWD 2 autoupdate?

When we publish new version, and you have XWD running, you will see a new icon on the dock, just click on it and you will be in our site to download and read information about new version (you should enable Auto-Update) Dock does not load and install update, only inform you about it.

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Congrats Vladimir :) Very very very good. Really great work. We all owe you big time. Runs SMOOTH. Smooth as silk. Works and looks great. Better than all the other so called "docks" on the web... keep up the good work! Hopefully, we shall see some donations coming your way :)


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Ok. I used it for 5 minutes then i decided to get rid of rk launcher (my previous dock). It is awesome!

it may not have minimise to dock, magnification or many plugins availiable yet, but i am seeing a great future for this dock.

Once the final release is done, and the above features are in, it will be the best there is. (That is, unless it already is the best!)

i cant wait until you implement the container as a part of the program! because matonga's stacks is very good, but yours is much more mac like. And that is what i am looking for.

Matonga's Stack docklets run fine, ObjectDock's calendar plugin is perfect and opening time is much better, I absolutely LOVE the right click menu, Nice simple easy to use interface, In previous XWD you had to click apply in preferences and then wait for it to reapear, I love how it now has auto update. Icon uality is excellent, Item customisation is superb and overall, i've got to say, this is the best dock i've ever used. And its only a beta!

keep up the good work :)

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