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Great release Vlad!!!

I second on the App blacklist, I have Synaptics and Windows Desktop Gadgets in the corner, they're... just there lol. And elevated applications don't show up either...

So I suspect that there's going to be a few docklets ported from 5.6 like Vhanla said. I'm excited. It's just like the iPhone... new things just kept coming in one thing on top of another through the updates.

I really like the Gmail Email checker, it's super nicely polished! Any way you could possibly update it so that it checks IMAP accounts as well, and not just Gmail? (i.e. MobileMe? AIM? The icon looks familiar too B) )

Also, come to think of it, I was having a few issues with the Gmail checker... it won't check anymore after I restarted the dock, and it says my log in info is wrong... put it back in a bunch of times, it's still the same...

And I'm NOT pushing for another update anytime soon, I'm just putting out suggestions for the future. It will get done when it gets done :)

I feel silly for asking this but where is the link? The dock says there is an update which takes you to the site however the link on the site points to 2.0.2 (which doesn't work)


That should take you directly to it. Download the dock installer and the plugins manager, and you're set :)

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I have to say it, i don't like this version, it's not the same since xwd 5.6, this new update for xwd 2.0.3 remains almost in the same features like 2.0.2, i don't know why you are supporting this dock for Windows XP (then use xwd 5.6), in my opinion XWD2 are exclusively for Windows 7, the new update are just fixes and 2 new API's, why you make another container like external plugin when you already have one inside the dock, in that case, just rebuild it with that new stuff and features, by the way the new container is so slow on my computer (i know this is beta), the gmail plugin don't sign on my account.

I really expecting something big for this release, something new and cool, but i was disapointed.

I know you dont have enough time, you have a job, i really apreciate your work for this dock, i will sit and still waiting for the non-beta release.

Thankyou for XWD 2.0.3 but i won't use it.

I'm just an user who are telling their thoughts about this new release. Thanks :)

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That should take you directly to it. Download the dock installer and the plugins manager, and you're set :)

Really weird, if I view the site in Chrome the old version of the page shows up but if I open it in IE the new version of the page shows.


Guess it must be a cache issue with Chrome?

One observation, the word recycle is spelt wrong in the right click add menu. It's spelt recylce

One issue, I don't seem to be able to find a way of changing what folder the new stack points to unless I'm missing something really obvious?

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Just wanted to say thank you for a great release :)

Everything works great on Windows 7 x64

Now with two stacks options navigating is a lot easier, the Gmail checker is really handy and also the skins look a lot sharper !

I have used all the dock type launchers bar none and this even in beta form is the best by a long way !

Just great long live XWindows Dock :D

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The new plugin is great! But it's slow. So, I wanted to forced the dock to use my gpu.. Now, It's Fast & Smooth! For me, the updated version is really cool.. But the ListView is missing..

The "Show all running apps in Dock" is cool too. I think it's great if you add "Exclusion list"..

The "Windows Reflection" doesn't work when in aero mode.. It only works in basic mode.. :(

The old container plugin is now stable.. (I love the drag&drop function) :)

My request feature:

1. add hide taskbar option

2. minimize/restore.. eg,, when the googlechrome is opened.. when you click the googlechrome icon on the dock, it will "minimized"..



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Great release, really. And great work. Your skills are amazin.

Is the dock for general use? Not really. I'm still missing very basic features like magnification, hiding/showing animations and delay settings for all that thinks, like XWD 5.6 it has.

I'm using XWD 5.6 now for a very long time, it's very usefull for everyday use.

Why don't you implement such basic things first and do then all the other stuff like blinki blinki expose features?

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1. Copy file of containerpublic.exe into the same folder \Public Plugins\Container\

2. Run it

3. See new icon in the dock

4. Move any folder and drop it over the new container's icon


Thanks bobah, the new stack it's beautiful!! I love the new scroll functionality.

Is there any way to have all the icons preloaded in the stack like in the earlier version?

P.S. a suggestion, when dragging a folder to the dock it should ask for folder shortcut or stack.

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I have one question, is there any way to make the xwDock stay on desktop when you click "Show Desktop" (bottom right in the taskbar) button in Windows 7 ultimate?

if it's possible, i would like to minimize all applications except xwdock.. like that new feature in rainmeter "on desktop".

we really need option "pin to desktop" or something like that. i would really appreciate it if you implement that feature.


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Some requests for the next release:

1) possibility to hide icon names;

2) icon magnification (or other effect) on mouse over;

3) running application indicator;

4) a faster and customizable stack docklet;

5) some option in the properties menu to set the appearance of the dock (icon distance, reflection, trasparency, time to show on mouse over etc etc)...

xwd 5.4 was perfect ... why don't recreate it with the same features...

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Sorry but this has broken my 2.0.2 install. Every time I assign a folder to a dock 'container' it retains it only until xdock restarts or I reboot and then I am back with an empty one.

Things were much simpler and easier without the auto-install to the Program Files structure -- and it worked!!

Unfortunately I have become so dependent upon having a docking bar together with the clean desktop that grouping my stuff in containers gives me that I have had to find an alternative and have gone with ObjectDock which irritates me by putting my running apps into the dock but gives me the container functions that I now depend upon.

If there is a different way of doing things in the new release that means the containers will remember their contents then let us know -- I would be prepared to go back!

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The biggest step forward since 5.6. I see some bugs with displaying running apps but as Bobah says it's still in development so i don't mind,but even with that it's working absolutely perfect!

I got one idea for dock behaving on left click which i would like Bobah to consider...(i use Ubuntu with Docky as main windows manager,and its windows management is very good)

A)If there is one or more instances of program running than default behaving of left click should be to display last opened and with more clicks to cycle through opened instances.


B)To display expose of opened windows.

in that case (when there is running app)middle click should open new instance.

Hope you will consider this,because i still don't agree with you about Explorer app behaving.

Thank for this awesome update!!!

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none of the new plugins work for me on win 7 64 bit. i have framework 4.0 installed. Gmail plugin checks for unread emails but does not open inbox. stacks plugin doesn't work period. thank you for this new release. you got skills!

I have the same issue too.

I'm also using Win 7 64 bit, seems like this is the cause...? :(

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Hi, first of all, congrats for all the good improvements on the last update, specially the gmail plugin, however I still find some things missing.

For me it was more comfortabe to edit things like the reflection, icon shadow etc in the options menu instead of the skin file. Also I don´t like the effect of the icon when you click it, it´s a very slow animation, at least, I suggest to add the option of disable it. ;) There are some bugs when you resize the dock from the separator, it becomes crazy and keeps refreshing the icons forever.

Another suggestions, maybe you could add an option to put the dock in first plane when the mouse is over it´s area (like in xwd 5.6) and a option to avoid the dock disspaear when you click show desktop button. I think that both of them would be very useful.

At least, two questions, where I can edit the resources of the right click menu? and it´s possible now to skin files with rounded corners?

Thanks in advance for the answers and consideration, about the feedback and suggestions, take care that those are personal oppinions.

<spam> Check the new skin I submitted on the XWD 2 skin topic </spam>

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Ok, so i've been using the dock since it first cam out, and yeah it drained heaps of memory, but my computer ran fine still. But in the past week, if i leave my computer on for a while as i go and do something else, sometimes when i come back XWD.exe is using 100% of my cpu. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

As for the update, you've continued to add great features, but i think the most obvious thing is you need a blacklist for apps showing up in the dock. Cause every time i start up xwd, switcher, yahoo widgets and other pop up. For the time being I just right click and go "keep in dock" then i right click again and uncheck keep in dock, that temporarily removes them, but as for stuff like objectbar, i have a custom right click menu using objectbar, so everytime i right click on my desktop, objectbar appears in the dock.

I think all that needs to be done after the blacklist is minimization. Some people will like magnification but personally I don't think id use it. But make sure if you add it you can customize how much zoom there is.

Even tho the dock doesnt currently have minimisation or maximisation etc, its still the best mac resemblisng dock out there.

one more thing, with your new container plugin, could you possibly keep the functionaliy it has, but make it look like the original container plugin? like it does on a mac

EDIT: Ok, now xwd.exe is eating up 100% CPU much more often, not just when i leave the computer.

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