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Hi! I just start use XWD - awesome app But i have 2 problem, not seriouse but unpleasant:

1. Container plugin cann't launch 64-bit application links (launch direct or with .bat files work)

2. Container plugin show extension for all files

I dont have 64bit, so i dont know about the first problem,

but as for the file extensions, yeah if that could be changed that'd be nice. Like, I have an applications stack and they all show up like "Address Book.lnk Photoshop.lnk Flash.lnk iTunes.lnk" etc

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1. Container plugin cann't launch 64-bit application links (launch direct or with .bat files work)

Some usefull (i hope) script for fix it even for execute files with spaces in name and path:

@echo off
cd C:\Program Files\Your Program Folder
start "" "Your Program Name.exe"

After you can cretae shortcut to .bat file, change icon and launch it from container :)

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What system do you use? When does it happen? What were you doing when it started? and so on...

ill give you my specs:

Windows Vista 32bit

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2ghz

Nvidia 8600gt

2gb DDR2 RAM

298gb HD

Well originally it would just happen if i just left the computer runnning for a while, which i do most of the time, but recently it has started to happen more often. whenever i open programs, run a program from the dock, thats usually what triggers it to go to 100% usage i think. only started hapening in the past 2 weeks or so, ive got the most recent version of the dock and all.

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this program is grate ... I have another project for you one that is not on already (Rocketdock,Objectdock,RKlauncher...)

look at this

its originally made for FireFox ... window management

/>http://insentient.net/ ... is for PC ... maybe you could developed it further more

and embed functions that were mentioned in video

-grouping/manual or automatic..in this way you can also simulate a virtual desktop scene .. there are grate possibilities

I dont know how the codes are but look at similar project ...

those codes are free

good luck guys

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Hey, I'm thinking about maybe adding a blacklist function for running apps since it's showing some programs that should be hidden, eg Firefox's plugin-container.exe, Synaptic TouchPad Enhancements, etc.

Thanks that would be very appreciated, since it shows background running apps for me and can clutter up the dock.

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This is a code-snippet in Delphi that enumerates windows.

function EnumWindowsFunc(wHandle:THandle; List:TStringList):boolean; stdcall;
caption: array[0..256]of char;
dwStyle,dwexStyle: longint;
if (dwStyle and WS_VISIBLE = WS_VISIBLE)
and (GetWindowText(wHandle,caption,sizeof(caption)-1)<>0)
and (GetParent(wHandle)=0)
and (whandle<>application.Handle){exclude me}
and (GetWindow(wHandle,GW_OWNER)=whandle)
then List.Add(caption)
else if (dwexStyle and WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW =0 )
and (GetWindow(wHandle,GW_OWNER)=0)
then List.Add(caption);

I guess TaskSwitchXP has something similar in its source code http://www.ntwind.com/software/taskswitchxp/download.html

Maybe it can be implemented on XWindowsDock so it can list only those apps that are shown in the taskbar.

Because, XWindowsDock list those apps that lays, for example, in systray. Or those that aren't shown in the taskbar, like :

- Windows Desktop Gadgets

- Switcher (a macosx expose clone for Windows Vista/7)

- Win+Tab sometimes is listed too (Windows Manager)

BTW: I'm still trying to port my old docklets :P

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Hey, I've only been here for a little while but what if the docks icons were integrated to control itunes, set status in skype, and a lot of other integrations? just throwing my 2 cents in. it would be an awesome idea if someone just integrated itunes into it through a plugin!


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I guess its pretty clear that this project has been abandoned. I hate to say that as I love this dock and I wish he would start work on it again, but unfortunately there hasn't been an update since last year so i assume there wont be another one

It hasn't been abandoned, but rather put on the back burner. Remember the 5.6->2.0 transition? That was longer than a year....

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