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I guess its pretty clear that this project has been abandoned. I hate to say that as I love this dock and I wish he would start work on it again, but unfortunately there hasn't been an update since last year so i assume there wont be another one

last year was just two months ago, you know?

I would love to know if bobah is still working on it though.

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Hi all. Glad to see you'r still taking an interest of it. Now I have changes in my life and it will continue. Really not sure that I can and like to continue working on the dock. I know we are waiting for Mac OS Lion that has a lot of new and interesting features, but unfortunately I'm not sure that it's possible to make really cool stuff for XWD, because you know, it's Windows :) and if we continue to add new features it may make the dock very large and buggy, that's not good. That's why I think it's suspended. Right now I cannot tell you anything else, one thing, I may continue working on it in about year later, but really not sure.

Thanks and sorry for that.

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hi, thank you very much for this great software. I use it a lot recently,I especially like the ability to drag files to and out of a folder pined on the dock, it's very helpful and feels just like the dock on a mac.

But I do hope it could have the ability to show the files in Time oder, so that I can get the most recent file first.

thanks for your job. :)

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Dear Bobah,

since you won't be updating anytime soon, would you consider releasing the sourcecode of the current version? Or maybe work out a deal with one or two programmers to work on updates till you return? I for one would be especially interested in making the 'blacklist' for running apps that multiple people talked about in this thread...

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Iphone Battery Docklet

Here is a docklet for all you mac lovers, it looks nice and even if its not in the actual mac dock its a useful docklet to have.

to install just drag into docklets folder within the xwindows dock files.

Afterwards just right click on dock, click add and choose plugins and drag the one that says battery into the dock and there you go B)

Hope u enjoy

iPhone Battery.zip

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First this dock is amazing. I'm a Mac user who really can't stand the taskbar paradigm and this dock helps so much. I have it set up in my Parallels copy of Windows. It imitates a real Mac dock pretty closely and good enough to be passable for most things. It is great! However, there is a bug.

Here is the bug I've found that needs to be addressed:

When you resize the desktop the dock does not move to an equivalent location on the resized desktop. You have to manually quit and restart the dock for it to move to the correct location.

Now, for most users, this might not be a big deal. I mean typical users have a set screen size and don't resize their desktop all that often, right? However, when you run an emulated copy of Windows in a Parallels window like me you resize the desktop size all the time. I go from full screen at 2560x1600 then I switch to running Windows-in-a-window and when I do that it can be any size resolution and I switch resolutions often because Parallels auto changes the Windows resolution to match the size of the window on the Mac.

Every time you resize the Windows resolution the dock remains static. If you could fix this it would be so much appreciated. Thanks!!!

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