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Hi thx .. I love it ... have a few suggestions if you dont mind

1. click on open icon brings it up (by 2nd click on the same icon would be useful to bring it down)

2. container ... on click Show in explorer would be great to explore the contained destination not the container install folder

3. now on long left click is shown the expose ... would be great to have it on short right click and on long right click to have the normal right click menu (or at least have this option)

+ now its to slow switching between multiple Firefox windows

+ you can inspire yourself by switcher program

4. how does it look like with the x64bit shortcuts ? I dont understand rockeddock objectdock... everyone has problems with x64shortcuts...

5. been able to switch off task-bar

6. container also for sys-tray

7. container would be great by clicking on it and expanding to been able by a single click on title of the window open it in explorer

8. graphic tune down :) sounds crazy ... but I am not afan of reflecting items on taskbar or shiny open notification (simple but big "dot" would be enough )

9. I didnt found autohide

thx a lot for your effort

everything looks greate ;) thx

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I'm pretty sure the problem people are having with X Windows Dock not staying on the desktop when using show desktop is Aero Peek, of course this only applies to Windows 7.

So, with keep dock over all windows selected in the options, and Aero Peek disabled in performance settings (i.e. Start>>> right click Computer>>> Properties>>> Advanced System Settings>>> under performance select Settings>>> deselect Enable Aero peek) the dock should stay on top of the desktop any time you hover/select the Show desktop button on the taskbar.

You guys can test this out yourself, I know this works exactly as stated for me, but there might be other issues going on with vista and xp users, so I am not sure about those situations.

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.... the other problem is the dock not remembering the containers that I put into it....

Yep, I complained about this just after the upgrade back in August (but in the General Discussion thread) and have yet to see any reply from anyone who is working on xwdock despite the plethora of people all complaining of the same thing in THIS thread...

I have switched to the free version of ObjectDock which works fine in Win7 but it has what I find to be the slightly annoying "feature" of adding any running applications to the dock whether they have been launched from it or not. That said, I can live with this unwanted "feature" -- what I CAN'T live with is having to re-establish all my containers in the dock every time I start my machine!

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I found a mistake in wanting to place it on the second monitor (away xwd) is not visible. The second monitor has a different resolution. XWindowsDock 2.03

Monitor 1 1680x1050

Monitor 2 1440x900


Encontré un error al querer colocarlo en el segundo monitor (desaparece xwd) no está visible. El segundo monitor tiene una resolución diferente.

Monitor 1 1680x1050

Monitor 2 1440x900

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for some reason, when ever i close the dock (to restart, etc.) it never saves my icons. I reopen it and all my icons are gone and its back to square one. any help with this?

Im running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

if you want to solve that problem fast without tweaking things out. just download version 2.0.2 and place your shortcuts and icons in that dock.

then just open up version 2.0.3 to be able to use the new feature with your things saved. It gets annoying after a while but its fast so yeah. =)

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I'm sorry if this is a dumb question and/or it has been asked before, but I'm having a really difficult time on how to install the new skins avaialble through the Skins thread.

Each skin I download is a .zip file that holdes the images for the skin, and a .ini file. However, when I click on the .ini file it simply opens up in Notepad. How do I get it to actually apply to the dock?

Help would be VERY much appreciated. Thanks!!

Nevermind, figured it out! For anyone else who might be confused in the future, just go to your C Drive > Program Files > XWindows Dock > Skins and paste the folder for the skin(s) you downloaded in that folder.

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I have a little bug in wniXP SP3, when "... over all windows" off, dock trying to go over all windows. Always...

Anyway i just switched on this option...

Forgot about icon indicator-3d.png, dont work at all...

New bug, some programs dont launch from dock, like skype, safari...

For .exe all working and indicator-3d.png too. But not for .lnk

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I've been a huge fax of XWD since its early days and have utilized it on every system I have touched, nothing compares! Despite all the other issues that have risen from all different people, I have never had a true issue. Most I could figure out myself, however, I am stumped. I just got a new system with Windows 7 Professional running on it. Everything worked perfect until I took a Java update and now if I run a Java media application then I get a warning that pops up about XWD and it tells me it is analysing for a solution. In the meantime it freezes down the whole damn computer, absolutely nothing will work??? never had this happen before and it's obvious who is causing the issue but I need to fix it otherwise XWD will have to go unfortunately...

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I have a big problem with XWD. It's stuck halfway off-screen and I can't change the edge offset to get it from being stuck there.

I've uninstalled

Deleted folder


Fiddled around to death

And am not using a non-standard resolution (1920x1080)

And changing the resolution doesn't fix this.

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I just installed the latest version and having a tough time removing the separator. I can't seem to be able to right click on it to remove, or drag and drop it outside of the dock. How else can I remove the separator? Thanks in advance.

Duh, as soon as I posted this, I figured it out.

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I feel like I'm missing something or I over looked something, but is this supposed work with Litestep? I keep hearing great things about it, but when I go to use it, it completely disappears off my desktop in which I am using litestep as the shell. I kill litestep and sure enough XWDock pops up at the bottom of my screen working. It's running in the background, but it's just not showing up when I use litestep. If it helps any, I'm running Win7 Ult w/ litestep as the shell.

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Kinda new here and a new user of the program. I'm having a problem, and there are like 15 pages of some answers but... I use drag and drop to move an icon in dock. After that, I delete the icon from desktop. When I'm trying to open an application using its icon from the dock, nothing happens. Should i keep the icons in dock and on desktop too?


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Hey iv downloaded the latest version of the dock ( first time using it and it doesnt magnify! Theres no option i can select or am i missing something! I.e when the mouse hovers over an icon, said icon does not zoom!!! HELP!

Signed, the n00b.

Yes i was wondering this as well. I've been looking everywhere and cannot find a definitive answer on this.

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