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I've run into something that has become something of a puzzle, there seems to be no pattern in its behavior. When minimizing windows most minimize properly to the dock, while others will only minimize to the taskbar. Have tried all the different combinations in the settings regarding the capture window settings and cannot get the dock to successfully minimize all windows to the dock; since I'd removed the taskbar it makes it a bit stubborn when trying to work with the programs that won't minimize down correctly. This is on a win 7 ult x64 os; all the other features work flawlessly save this one. Any suggestions or help is appreciated.

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Hello there! Great job. I just found this dock is great and usable. I registered here just to tell you, if it's ok to share the sourcecode of this app? i'm a coordinator, developer and graphics designer of Newgen http://newgen.codeplex.com/

I'd like to help with this app since you're not working on it anymore. I'll try to improve it. Then, i will send it to you (bobbah) the binary and sourcecode of my updates. and you will release it here (on your page). I don't want to claim this app. All i want is to improve it and you share it, since you don't have time for this project. My intention is to improve/update it because i saw there's alot of users really like your work with this app.

Thanks! :)

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Great dock by the way, the best looking one I've seen yet in all the years I've tried docs. Now I just wish it could be put on the sides like tabs, and have more than one (like ObjectDock Pro has). But what I'm here for is I have 1 problem. The Gmail Checker app for it, doesn't work. It's on the dock and tells me how many emails I have in a little circle above it, but when I click it nothing happens, I still have to open my browser and login to Gmail manually on the web... I don't know what is causing it, that's why I'm here - I can't fix it myself.

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I cannot get any docklets to work.

I copied XAccuWeather into the Program Files(x86)/XWindows Dock/Docklets folder but when I restart the dock there is nothing.

Is it the wrong version of docklet for 2.0.3?

I also tried to copy the XAccuweather folder into the plugins folder but it won't come up under Add->Plugins

Am I doing something wrong?

Sorry but I forgot to say that this is an very cool/useful app. Thank you for your efforts!

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I've been running the dock for a few weeks now on win 7 64 bit and it worked like a charm, but some of the things in settings did not display correctly like monitor identification, and the stack plugin caused dock to crash...now after my main display got disconnected dock migrated to secondary display...after I reconnected main display dock went away for good...:-( now I've tried uninstaling and reinstaling the program but there are no changes in task manager dock appears to be working but there is nothing on either of two displays...and I've just gotten used to it...is there a way to fix this or to access the dock settings when dock is not properly displayed...tnx hope someone can fix this

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Hi there. I have a bug i hope you can help me with.

I have two monitors, and i try to put the dock in my second monitor.

I go to Preferences, and then i pick monitor two, and make sure that the settings for size is ok. (1680x1050)

And then my dock dissapear. !?

why does it dissapear, and what do i need to do in order to see the dock in monitor two ?

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Hi there!

I'm running Xwindows dock on W7 Ultimate N and had a bad issue with the dock v.2.0.3

When I click on the container from the plugin manager window I am able to ad the container to the dock, but when I click on it windows tells me that a file called MFPlat.dll is missing from my notebook and the animation of the container crashes.

I googled a bit on this file called MFPlat.dll and found that this file is missing on 'N' versions of w7. This file is normally brought in the pc when Windows media player and windows media center are regulary installed. On a topic of microsoft's site there is a users that says that the MFPlat.dll can be replaced by installing the Media Feature Pack. (---> only for genuine copies of w7...).

This is the link to the discussion: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/kinectsdk/thread/befaf1e7-7bd1-4f17-88cc-ec41be274c74/

This is the link to the media feature pack: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=16546

Was this issue a problem for other users of the Xwindows dock?

Do you know how to solve this problem by not installing any s*it*y things of microsoft?

Thank you anyway! :)

p.s.: I've uploaded a screenshot. It's in Italian and the window says: ''It's impossible to start the program because MFPlat.dll is missing from your notebook. To solve the problem, try installing again the program.''


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Hi i am running Xwindows Dock on Win 7. I am using the container plug-in, i have assigned each container with path of a folder which contains shortcuts of softwares in them. I can't see the image of some icons through the container but i can see them if i open it in a folder. I have attached an image of the problem to make things clear. is this normal??


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I have stumbled upon what may be a large problem. I have windows 7 professional (x64). I used an hdmi cable, duplicated desktop, and played videos on my television from my computer. Everything up to this point worked. Then, I changed my display back to single monitor. Here's the problem: clicking on xwindowsdock partially locked up my computer. Before the lock up, this program also relocated itself from the bottom of the screen to the top-right corner of the screen and into the start menu. I received a message saying that xwindowsdock is not responding and couldn't use the start menu. Windows key + L didn't log me off -- I needed to ctrl + alt delete to log off and log back on. Please fix it. I appreciate your time.

edit (April 20th, 2012): May you also add a feature, so when I right-click an item, I get its system options in addition to the xwindowdock ones?

- Grabby

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Tried it too.

However I stick to RUNME because XWDock may have beautiful graphics but on my powerful computer it lags, hangs, pauses and never really *flows* as quickly as others.

(win 7 x64 12Gb i7).I believe that it's not developed anymore as 2.0.3 is quite old now, maybe that's why it's not updated to fix all sort of bugs mentioned.

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