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Are you sure that you are talking about XWD 2.0.1 ? I didn't find "Biggest bugs", may if you have some please post them in this thread, no need tell us about "Biggest bugs dock", these are only words not facts.

Nevermind. I don't use program from long time.

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Hello, I seem to be having a problem with the icons on my docklet, I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit and all icons don't work, it just appears as a blank page and I don't know how to change the icons in the dock preferences. It maybe because I am running the Hyperdesk Dark Matter: Redshift Hypersuite (A themeing program). How do I change the icons?

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Ive realized i have posted my problem in the General comments page, so i am reposting it here hoping for some help:

I have loved and used XWdock for many months now, but for some reason this weak My shortcuts on all my containers have stopped working. Only locations circled in my attached picture work (My computer, Faisal, and My Book). The rest do nothing when i click on them (Even my chrome shortcut and Windows Line Mail) dont work). Any ideas on what i might have done that has caused this problem? I have un-installed several programs to see if maybe thats what caused it, and run XWDock as administrator, but nothing seems to have worked, I have re-installed XWDock, and that didn't work. I have gone as far as restoring my computer to "out of box" state and reinstalling everything, and that didnt work.

I only have one monitor so thats not the issue. I am running on Vista with service pack 2 installed. My XWDock folder is located in the "Saved Games" folder in my user folder.

My Container plug-in Points to the "My Links" folder. When i go to that folder and click on the shortcuts there, they work fine and take me to my desired location.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have used and purchased Objectdock many months back, before finding XWDock, but i dont want to go back to it cause it looks so childish compared to XWDock.

Please help!


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I hope you will forgive my bad English. I had the same problem as some others in this forum --> there seemed to be no way to change the icons for a stack. Today I tried a rocketdock docklet - the stackelt dock (u will find it on the rocketdock site --> search there for the stack docklet 1.0..the version 2 isnt working with xwdock 2)

I copied all Programm Links (xxx.ink) for each stack in a separete folder. Then I added a new plugin --> the dock stacklet!! (the stack docklet I copied therefore in the docklet folder of the xwdock).. now it becomes a little bit tricky: U have to cklick right that new stack icon on ur xwDock and U can now choose the stack direction (in my case the separate folders with all the .ink datas for each topic) but u cant choose a icon...here comes the "trick": Open the folder, where u have all ur icons, click right the icon u wanna use for the stack and choose "properties" (i hope this right for the english windows??? in german it is called EIGENSCHAFTEN), then go to the tab security (german= Sicherheit) at the top of this tab u can see Object name (german = Objekt Name)..copy the path there and paste it in the stack docklet icon direction (i hope u understand what i mean ;-) )... then click okay and "simsalabim" the stack haz the icon u wanted for it...it works so far without problem..I restartet and everything was fine (my system is windows 7 32 bit)

Here a picture how it looks:


At last a few word for the developers: I Tried some docks and xwdock is far the best i tried (I love the expose function and the great look)...keep up ur good work!!!

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Loving the update BOBAH, much appreciation for the hard work and finding the time to work on it :)

I have noticed a couple of issues with the bouncing dock, I apologize if you are already aware of these...

If you receive a message while something is in full screen mode, when you come out of full screen mode the bouncing icon is still hidden off of the screen(but you can see the icon description and part of the icon on its highest bounce.

In fuller detail...if you have something running in full screen mode i.e. video playing in WMP, and a dock icon is instructed to bounce until the window is active i.e. google talk and receive a message...

When the dock returns on the screen, the bouncing dock icon is still hidden and bouncing. Restarting the dock seems to be the way to restore the icon to its correct position.

Also if you have the context menu (right click menu) open of an icon that starts to bounce, the menu will bounce with icon.

Thanks so much!

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I really like this update :)

The only "missing" feture is the indicators cause i use x64 win7 and they don't show up

and the "show on mouse over" cause when a window is on full screen you have to miminize it to show and use the dock

Btw are my wallpapers actually reflected on the dock?

If so this is awesome and now the dock looks and feels like the real leopard one

Thank you again for your hard work.


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I've searched for this problem but haven't found any thread relating to this yet. Is there anyway I can hide the dock in background when it's not in use and see the Mozilla firefox web page or any folder fullscreen like Object dock? Or this dock always appears and can't be hidden? Thanks

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Hey I just installed xwindowsdock2.0.2.0 and I was wondering if you could tell me how I get other pluggins for it to do different things. The one thing I was definitely trying to learn first was how to add a stack or a "SHELF", as I assume that means your adding a border (stack) on top of the icons to add more icons above them. like rows of icons stacked on top of each other.. is that what that means? if yes could you tell me how to do it? thanks for the time.. memphis952@gmail.com

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Hi there I have installed the xwindows dock on 64bit windows 7 and im only getting some of the features. how do you get the icons to bounce and how do you get current running programmes to come up when clicking the icon instead of opening a new one?? any help would be great.

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Hi guys

I have some strange issue with XWDock 2.0.2..for several days I encounter this crazy problem. I have my dock...with icons for applications, stacks...etc...and somehow after I restarting my windows 7 in morning all my icons for apps/stacks/folders on dock...are gone. Just My Computer is present. What is happen?

I saw that seetings for Xwd are stored in C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\XWindows Dock\setting.ini and items.ini....but somehow they are just empty.

I can "replace" all the dock stuff but..it annoying to do this after 2-4 days...and so one.

Any of you happen this problem in XWDock?


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Tried Xwdock for the first time today. So by definition I'm a New User. The app seems to work just fine, congratulations. But:

1) There is no uninstall function that I could see. Is it safe just to delete the directory that contains the unzipped files?

2) There is no help function I can see.

I understand this is a beta project and such things may seem like luxuries. But they are part of the definition of a finished product. Hope they're included in your future plans.

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Here's some serious problem in the skin engine... trying to make a skin and I would like to make the left and right edges of the background-edge-3d.png to be faded with less opacity and the start and end... I've edited the background-edge-3d.png which is at 2426x6 px and also wrote this down in the skin.ini put I can only see the left margin being faded in like it supposed to be... if I do the same with background-3d.png and fade the left and right margins it works... so why doesn't this work on the background-edge-3d.png??

Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Here's the background-edge-3d.png: LINK

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how can i set up the dock so that the icon gets "larger" when i am "over it" with the cursor ? just like on a mac...

can i set the up the dock so it shows me all of the windows i have open in safari e.g. !?

where can i download plug-ins besides this board ? it's kinda hard to understand every word here....i am from germany ;)

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My icons do not respond to the click of a mouse once my screen is idle and my screen saver has came on and I return to the computer and of course once i move the mouse the screen saver is gone but the icons are unresponsive. I have to adjust it to 2d then they are responsive....Bug?

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