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SR Dark ver.

Put dA direct link because uploader seems broken:


SR Drbn

dA direct link:


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Long time no post here for a skin release.

Now it's time for it ;)

I did an Android style XWD 2.0.3 skin. It's just done as an morning idea.

so let's see what you said about it.

There are 2 versions (one in green and other in blue).Included some icons for dock too.

Hope you like my new idea.

Download links: green version: http://www.mediafire...e2ym1shamfel6mt

blue version: http://www.mediafire...cg337ccd3lu1lpr

PS: why I cannot attach some screenshots for skins? I'm not allowed or smth...

PPS: the new method to attach files was the problem ;) Now there are screenshots for skins

Moved to correct thread - mps69



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