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Resurrecting Rk Launcher Soon

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Yes indeed very long time no see.

Really happy that after all this time you decided to bring it to life again.

Hope to see some new elements in RK Launcher cause it's the dock that stayed

longer on the desktops of most people around here.

It deserves a heavy update in order to continue using it for long time.

Nice seeing you around again.

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some feature suggestions:

--instead of having reflected icons, maybe have the dock reflect the icons itself, like the nexus dock.

--maybe make the task thingy a stack instead of a speach bubble.

--add some more minimise effects

--Make the stacks do what leopard does, if u click a folder inside a stack, it becomes a stack itself.

--make it so it reserves space, thats one of the main things that bugged me. it would be great if u could do that :)

If you could do those, the dock will be perfect in my eyes.

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Continue this project!

Is there anyway I could help?

I say: Object Dock is the "original", but it's a bit heavy, and it has that annoying shareware ads that make me feel that I am not using the full version, although the full one does not have any functions I need.

Rocket Dock is like Object Dock but a bit lighter, but it doesn't bring anything really interesting, and it often crashes when emptying the recycle bin.

Other docks, well, they aren't generic, they intend to make you use new functions that do NOT work in every dock.

RK Launcher is almost the best, but it has serious problems with stability. Many times, when I drag an icon to the dock, the icon can't be inserted, or when moving a dock icon to another position, the icon sticks to the mouse cursor and I have to restart the RK Launcher.

Seriously, please tell me if there's anything I can help you with.

And PLEASE, check this: the itemlist.ini does NOT save it's text with latin characters. I have the Office folder in this path:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Menú Inicio\Programas\Microsoft Office

and the Stack Docklet doesn't work because when I close and restart RK Launcher, the word "Menú" in the path changes to "MenÀ" and the Stack comes with no content.

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oh hell yeah! rk launcher continues to be the dock of choice.

now im on windows 7 the things that don't work are the tray docklet and the right click empty trash but i really can live with that since rk launcher is so good.

any help with testing, graphics i would be more than happy to help.


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Hello guys, long time no see :)

Been thinking about resurrecting RK Launcher with the arrival of the new Visual Studio 2010

so do you think it's worth continuing development after all this time ?

Been a very long time indeed! Thought you ditched this project a long time ago!

It would be brilliant to see you continue RK Launcher with potential new features suitable for Windows 7 and further. Do remember though, a lot of people don't visit this forum and your dock is one of the most popular docks out there. I'm sure a lot of people who don't see this thread will want you to continue the development of this fantastic dock.

Looking forward to seeing your great work!

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Hello guys, long time no see :)

Been thinking about resurrecting RK Launcher with the arrival of the new Visual Studio 2010

so do you think it's worth continuing development after all this time ?

I think it's great!

I'll use it after 2 years of using OS without dock.

Because it's the best of the best dock!

Keep it up!

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DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it's the best and smoothest dock i ever saw - make it ready for win7 (maybe with 64bit support) with a good installer and backup option. it's one of the most helpful things for windows and a eyecandy too. please continue working - you will like it, many thanks in advance!

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I would be very happy if an update of RK Launcher came about! I've been using it for years and will not miss it on any computer, that I work on. I too am of the opinion, that most people using RK Launcher just haven't found this forum yet - I know of at least 6-7 other users in my close circle of friends.

What I'd very much like to see in a new version would be better (or even native) StackDocklet support, a working RecycleBin and an update to the CPUMonitor docklet. The RecyleBin stopped working under Windows 7 (32bit as well as 64bit), where as the CPUMonitor (it is a YZDock docklet) works perfectly on 32bit, but doesn't show the CPU load on 64bit Windows 7.

Especially the CPUMonitor issue is driving me mad, since I have gotten so used to it. If somebody can help with this issue and knows how to make the CPUMonitor work properly with Windows 7 64bit, please post here!

So I really hope this announcement is followed by actual releases! Looking forward to it...

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