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Avedesk Vs Win 7 64 Ultimate


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Hi all,

I've been using avedesk for a few years with windows Xp and everything was fine, but recently I've bought a new machine were I did a clean install with Win 7 64 Ultimate.

I was a little septic on using Ave with win 7 but after a little bit of research, I've managed to get things running except for 3 things.

1- reg_shellext.bat on avedesk\data didn't work, even with administrator rights.

2- Besides nº1, avedesk runs smoothly(only with a few systats config and picture viewer), but when I go to desklet properties and choose as a desktop icon it doesn't work, it behaves has if I've choose stay on bottom (by the way stay on top also works fine).

3- I've tried to run avedesk on windows start, but he just won't work. I've tried by registry on All Users And User\run and also by the startup folder. Windows simply won't load the process. After the startup, I'm able to load avedesk every time I want.

I'm running avedesk with administrator rights( the only way for it to work) and with nothing selected on compatibility mode(I've tried XP and Vista and it only gets worst).

Any help would be appreciated.


PS. Sorry for my poor English

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