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Friend's Computer Refusing To Start Up.

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I'll cut to the quick, I have a friend of mine who's asked me to help him with a little dilemma - his computer won't start up.

And by this I don't mean the "booting XP and then a blue screen flashes" fail-to-start-up. It will simply not power on. At all. I've tried playing with that I/O switch in the back, replugging it into a different outlet... all other devices from the computer (mouse, monitor, keyboard) are still showing signs of life, and they're all connected to the same bar of plugs.

He says he was just on the computer normally, not doing anything out of the ordinary, and it just turned off and wouldn't turn back on.

No lights come on on the tower, no signs of life whatsoever. Motherboard? CPU? Something along the lines of that? Also, will the data be safe?

Thank you in advance.

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