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Flyakite And Other Application Issue

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there are a lot of post over the internet talking about installing flyakite and having problems loading vlc video lan media player ,open office , windows calculator (calc.exe) and other applications

after many wrong solutions, and no help from Microsoft I decided to uninstall flyakite because I can't work without open office or vlc. When the uninstaller launched I decided to look what I'm uninstalling and by surprise I saw under System Files Shell32. Yes, of course some functionality lost, but almost everything stays the same so try it. Solved my issues.

for lazy ppl that can't read so much ( or laughing at my Israeli English ) here is step-by-step:

1. Go to uninstall.

2. Start uninstalling flyakite.

3. You will see that you can choose what do you want to uninstall - leave everything unchecked except System Files->Shell32 - check only Shell32.

4. Reboot.

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I continue using flyakite but a very old version of 2004 where you had to make the things almost manually.

from winXP I make the changes to my win7 files, it doesn't work directly on win7 :(

these were the instruccuiones to continue:

In the root directory of BATCHMOD are several Windows NT command scripts which you can use to mod your files. If you want to do all required steps in one go, use auto.cmd, if you prefer the step-by-step approach, use the files in this order:

1. copy.cmd - Copies moddable files from your Windows and Program Files directory to the _IN folder. (Required on first time use, or after updating Windows)

2. extract.cmd - Extracts Resources from all files inside the _SOURCE folder. (Required on first time use, or when you change any files in the _SOURCE folder)

(2a. OPTIONAL STEP - If you wish to translate your system files or change the dialogs/menus/strings you can use extract_language.cmd to extract language-related resources from files in the _SOURCE folder. You have to change the extracted .res files in the resources folder yourself using reshacker or a similar tool, this process can NOT be automated and you need proper knowledge about the format of these resources!)

3. modify.cmd - Modifies files inside the _IN folder with the extracted resources and copies the result to the _OUT folder. (Required step)

(3a. OPTIONAL STEP - To update files in the _OUT folder with modded language resources, launch modify_language.cmd. NOTE: You have to use modify.cmd FIRST otherwise there will be no files in the _OUT folder!)

4. replace.cmd - Backs up and replaces moddable files in your Windows and Program Files directory. (Required step)

After replacing files, you can use restore.cmd to restore your original files should the need arise.

someone remember that version? :P

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