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To All The Mac Elitists And Know-it-alls

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I have ALWAYS been a Mac fan...they were the computers I grew up with in school. I was still using an SE during my junior year of high school until I 'upgraded' to a IIsi. I can atest that both of those machines served me to the utmost, and I love them to this day.

When Graduatrion rolled around, however, and the gift money was all tallied, I was about $300-$400 short of the iBook I so lusted after. The result, of course, was an HP desktop from Staples. This machine has served me well, too, even though it's not a Mac. Since I got it, however, I have been trying to make it more close to the Mac feel I grew up with. Sure, Windows has it's fair share of quirks, but it is as much of an evolving OS as the Mac OS is. I have no doubt that Windows will someday be as stable as OS X is. Right now, I am content, living in both worlds so to speak. But that is just the opinion of a college student! :P


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Originally posted by jef@Dec 9 2002, 05:01 PM

My 2 cents...

I have both a Mac and PC at home.  While I like the GUI of the Mac, I'm in all honesty, more fond of my PC.    My Mac can stay shut off for days without use.

Happens with me too. :) And when I use my macs, I tend to use OS 9.2 more than 10.2. But when I have guests, I leave the macs on OSX just to make them envious. :D

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I think it's funny how so many people start there messages with "I think this thread is stupid" but they still respond.

Not only that, but they write a book on it.

Let me clear this up...I never said ALL Mac users are evil zealots. Try reading a post FULLY before jumping the gun and assuming the worst.

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nice little essay duckie,

the interesting thing is, I'm in a very similar situation myself. I am currently taking graphic design at Fanshawe College. The entire program is based around Mac's and the only time I see a PC is when I'm at home. The thing is, I'm moving back and forth so much between XP and OSX that I NEED some level of "Macification" on my home PC just for sanity's sake. Programs like ObjectDock, ObjectBar, MsStyles, and Icemans Systems files save me TONS of time when I work.

Now that my PC acts like a mac, navigating quark, Illlustrator, and photoshop is just that much easier. ObjectBar is probably my favorite app right now just for the menu replacement. I'm so used to having my menus right at the top of the screen that using the XP basic GUI is unacceptable. This goes the same with the dock.

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