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Desklets Settings Bug?

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[background-black] Hi there!!. I'm a new AveDesk user, and I have some issues with it. The most anoying of them is that,when adding a new desklet, it doesn't show up. The default "style" is desktop icon. Some apps appears in the desktop, but most of the times they're within some kind of box, and invisible. In control panel I right click on this desklet, and go to Desklet Properties>Style. After I select "Always-on-top" the desklets show up, and then I have to go to the same properties and select "normal window". In control panel, I went to Settings>New desklet properties..." and selected style>Normal Window. Clicked on Apply then Accept, but seems like it isn't the option that I'm looking for. I want to choose as "default style" Normal Window. Also I have a desklet that is always on top of everything, but with the "desktop icon" style. I changed this in its properties, but again seems like the changes aren't saved. Could you PLEASE help me? This is very annoying.u.u <_<:wacko:

[background-black]PS: Sorry but I like to write with this colour :P u.u <_<:wacko:

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