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Snow Leopard Theme Beta3 X64


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Beta 3 is out!


The system files are working only on x64 version of windows 7!

Also to make the theme working out well you have to use all three system files (explorer.exe, shell32.dll, explorerframe.dll)

Of course you can modify the system files to make them work on x86 versions too!

The theme now have many changes since the last beta 2 wink.gif

but it still have some bugs and some unfinished images.

Note that you can still download the previous version (beta2) for both x86 & x64

Hope you like it guys and of course comments and Leopard screenshots are welcomed biggrin.gif


Big thanks to thepanda-x.png?4 and sunbeam2000.png?8 for their help. smile.gif

Download Snow Leopard Theme for Windows 7 x64


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is there a way to make this load depending on the logged in windows account, aka, a account with the regular w7 shell etc. and one with this version. Is there a way to maybe quit explorer.exe (or not run it at all and run using MSconfig or w/e? Just dont know how to get both versions' dlls working. Any ideas?


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