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Avedesk Not Working Properly


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Avedesk is an awesome application, but there are some bad bugs!

First of all, I missed some DirectX 9 drivers,so I installed DirectX 9.

Now I can open Avedesk, but everytime it crashes. Sometimes in the settings, sometimes when I click a desklet shortcut.

Now the problem, I have a complete mac os x look with a theme, finderbar, dock, wallpaper, osx start orb and Avedesk.

When Avedesk crashes, my explorer.exe crashes too, and when I restart it, it only shows the library of windows 7. When I close the process of Avedesk my taskbar and everything will appear back.

So it's defiantly an Avedesk issue, can this please be resolved as soon as possible, or is there any fix?

Thanks in advice

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