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Application Login No Longer Works

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# I was a Happy-Happy, Joy-Joy new user of FlyakyteOSX, until today, FRIDAY THE 13TH! See status report below:

[code class="XMLpseudocode SOX"]
Description >
Type > activity.report > subTypeOf >
Relation > administrative.system.function > employee_time
Environment >
System >
Windows Professional, 2002
Service Pack 3
Application > Web client
Platform > IE8 # required
Problem > Function > Logon >
Sequence >
start > access through app url
process > normally page displays a redirection message to app
Result > window opens with logon form
Variance >
a > position of message changes, encroaching upon the lowest browser toolbar
b > content beneath the message is missing
c > the logon window doesn't open
Problem > Function > User response
Sequence >
panic > time sheets are due in 20 minutes # ANTs start (e.g., it's Friday 13th)
process >
a > reconfigure > regrouped and checked IE option settings, restarted system
result > unchanged # system seems to have an aura of "that's all you got demeanor?"
b > called desktop support c> referred to app support
response > instructed to directly enter URL # added page name to address # index.jsp
Result > Window opened correctly # sigh of relief!
Variance > Nothing happened when logon form submitted
Sequence >
process > # go to the dark side
a > return desktop theme in to Windows XP
b > disabled docks
c > restarted system # MAC logo briefly flashed as it restarted, appeared to have menacing sneer
Result >
a > app unchanged
b > system now running slow # with apparent disdain
# Please advise! Please recommend fix, or prescribed ritual incantations as required.

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