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Spelunky Game Icon

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This is an icon for the Spelunky game character with two slightly different variations. This particular design was created by Chris Pavia from the TigForums ([link]). He created a low poly 3D model that is his own particular interpretation of the character. I found that it was very cool and asked permission from him to publish this icon from his artwork and I also took the image and modified it carefully and created a fake “high poly†version of the same render that looks much more smoothed. I did this cause I though that a high poly version of the 3D model would look better for an icon but I also created an icon with his low poly image for respect of his low poly 3D artwork which was pretty good so choose whichever one of the two you prefer.

The zip file has Windows, Mac and Png versions. It includes icons from 16 to 256 pixels in size. It has full alpha transparency with very smooth edges.

You can modify it at least for your own personal use. I hope that you enjoy it.

You can download it here at Deviantart:


Or alternatively in this Mediafire folder:



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