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Xwindows Dock 2.0.4.x


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Hello Filandre1... maybe this has been mentioned before, but I've noticed that programs running with highest privileges, do not appear in XWindows Dock; programs such as Task Manager, Command Prompt, or Registry Editor among others. On the other hand, when you run XWindows Dock as administrator, all these programs will appear in the Dock. With this in mind, using the task scheduler, every time I start the operating system (Windows 8) I am running XWindows Dock with highest privileges, and so Windows 8, has no need to ask for my password or authorization. However, when running as administrator XWindows Dock, none of the files or programs, can be dragged to the dock, with the exception of the docklets. I hope that my comment somehow, will be helpful.

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First of all, thanks again for an AWESOME piece of software!  I love it.  Best Mac-style doc I've ever used on my PC (and I've used a ton of them).  Any updates coming anytime soon (e.g., Genie effect or option for more bounces when an application is launched   :P )?  


Thanks again.  

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Also, noticed a small bug nothing huge but its driving me nuts lol. On a Tri setup (not sure if it does it on dual mon too) but at random times after closing out of a full screen app (that makes it auto hide). The dock will change its location from my other monitor i set it too back to the default main windows monitor.


If you can look into that bug too, would be great. Thanks again for the wonderful work you are doing and keeping it updated for us.

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Filandre1 Hello, I wanted to bring to your attention a problem that occurs with the bar when I run any video game with a resolution different from that of the desktop, for example (the video game that covers the screenshot runs at 800x600, while the desktop is 1680x1050).
Note that in version 2.0.3 the problem does not occur.
I attach the screenshot to better understand the problem.
Hello and thank you again for the excellent work.


ps:you can delay the onset of the bar when I'm close to the edge?



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Happy New Year 2013, and thank you to all for your precious help to finalize the ultimate XWindows Dock !

Version 2.0.4 has the main enhancements from 2.0.3:

- Ability to change the font of the dock

- Auto-adjust size of the dock

- Support animated gif

- Ability to colorize the dock and icons's indicators (colors can be defined in skin)

- Ability to hide icons or mask inactive icons from the Dock

- Many skins and plugins are now included

- French, Polish & Italian translations added, and ready for more translations (simply send me the file text.ini translated)

- Finally stable version (no more beta!)

The last release available is now

- Release 5 simply add a choice to "View Large Icons" for a container.

- Release 4 add small changes in the use of the menus, and allow its color to match with dock.

- Release 3 add the ability to choose a new font for the dock in the preferences menu.

- Release 2 add the ability to auto-adjust the size of the dock when icons are added or removed.

Link to the Windows Installer: xwdock2.0.4.5-installer.exe

Link to the preinstalled* zipped files: xwdock-

Link to the zipped sources: xwindows-dock-

* The preinstalled version is "ready to run" but is only available in english language: Just copy the unzipped directory anywhere on a disk, then launch XWD.exe file.

You can also make a link to XWD.exe with "-p" parameter to put the setting files inside the XWindows Dock directory.

Have fun,



Hello Filandre.


The new version for me is very good 90% perfect (stack ok, dock skin ok). I'm waiting for minimizing windows to dock and maybe in the future other stuffs (magnify, etc).  The animation of icons is nice too.


Best Regards. 

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