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Problem With Xwindows Dock 5.6


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Every time that I resume Windows 7 from hibernation the dock appears completely transparent.
I have to reload the settings with apply button or minimize a window on the dock and it returns to normal appearance.
XWindows Dock 5.6 on OS Windows 7.
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the problem  after hibernation seems to be solved, it was probably due to some incorrect settings, mine pc is an AIO desktop and needed the hybrid sleep turned on. There remain other small bugs;

1) magnification doesn't work - But indeed the  original  Mac dock default is no magnification, so the dock consumes fewer resources also, a false problem after all. 2) the open folder icon in the stack, changes from one in other icons, such as those of the  related folders.

3) not always the dock keeps the settings immediately. The recycler often change icon itself.



Whatever XWindows Dock 5.6 is the best clone of the Mac dock.


PS: icon problem solved with XSkinMaker. Magnification and all dock animation problem, solved disabling wallpapers change of W7.

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