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Remove/delete/close/unsubscribe My Aqua-Soft Account.

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Hey Aqua-Softers! (Wow, my first post in a bazillion years.)


Right to the point... How do I END my AQ account? I don't use it anymore, I don't wish to use it in future and why is there NEVER an unsubscribe link on anything these days?


I've heard that we simply just don't login to the website anymore and that's it, but there must be SO many members who have done this already that their abandoned usernames have been unusable for any newcomers for YEARS!


C'mon guys, change your tune already and create such a feature! We always get told by the Internet Gurus to remove our unused Internet footprint, and it sure does feel good (for me anyhoo), to know that my details aren't lurking on a particular website anymore (and no, I'm no crim trying to hide).


So who can help me? OR, could some moderator make an exception and just delete mine? I'll pay! :P


- SL


PS. I wonder how many active members there actually are on AQ? I ask only cause I'm the ONLY actual member online here at the moment.

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Personally I think it's lame to request user account deletion on an internetz forum. Especially if it's not an account that can be linked to you personally.


In any case, I wonder like many others, what the hell is wrong with Timan? Very odd dude, hasn't posted anything since 2011 (this seems to be his last post), although he was last online on 2014-01-28. It's understandable if he lacks time, but he could at least post here from time to time and keep us up to date on what's going on. If he needs to focus on his IRL job, he could raise the price on his skins so that he could make enough money here, to make a living.


I've noticed myself posting here like once a year.


I'm very disappointed in how Timan made this promising skins forum a complete ghost town. It was a stupid decision to focus on IPBoard and make it the number one priority. That's not to say he shouldn't have released an IPBoard skin ('m also for a XenForo skin), but since most of us use vBulletin (I'll be making the switch to XF sooner or later, since vB is going downhill), he should have kept vBulletin as his main priority until the forum software competitors matured and gained popularity.


Bad business decisions Timan, bad decisions.

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All forums dry up and blow away eventually.  This one is almost 13 years old.  So it goes, so it goes. 

It was going fairly strong when I registered here in 2009. People came here to discuss software topics and buy his skins. Timan's inactivity is what killed this forum. Now he refuses to give us any answers whatsoever. I can understand if he's busy, but this is ridiculous, not even a brief update. Why even keep this forum going if he's never going to post here again? He hasn't posted in years, literally.

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