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How Can I Install Snow Leopard To An External Hd From Windows?

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Hey guys been a long time since i was on here lol and im having a big problem, and google is not my friend this time around. 

So my macbooks hd died back in december and its been sitting in its bag in my closet for all this time and i just finally got an external, i have googled this many diffrent times and it keeps bringing me to hackintosh stuff or doing it from the macbook. 

is it posable to install snow leopard to my External from my PC? how in the hell do i do it if i can? and is there a way to install it from the External its self from my macbook back into the external? 

The hd is dead with the clicking of doom :P meanes i need a new hd for it lol so it just shows the blinking folder icon with a Question mark.

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