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Buying A Macbook Pro From France

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I'm on a trip to Paris, France in late Jan and I thought of buying a MacBook Pro while I'm there. Apart from price differences between Europe and US, is there any physical differences e.g. the keyboard layout between those machines sold in US and France?


I'm used to the US QWERTY keyboard only & I wished I can buy my machine physically from USA but this is not an option for me for the time being (neither is the online method as taxes are so damn high) so I'll get it from France instead.


I'd also like to ask about the future model of this line of machines (launching around mid 2015 as far as I know) if it's worth waiting for (perhaps in a future trip to Europe) or just go a head and buy the current model?


OH, I forgot to say I'm a Windows user and I'm trying to switch to a Mac so excuse any ignorance from me regarding Mac :)

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