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Remix Pack v4.5 - Customizable Pack

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Hi this software includes a system files modifications with a external resources and is packed with NSIS.

You can modify:

- Wallpaper

- Logon Screen

- System Icons (imageres.dll, explorer.exe, etc)

- Sounds

- Visual Style.

- Wizard Images.


Download Packs from Mega

The packs with Remix Pack ares:

- Win7 Remix Pack v4.5

- XP HD Remix Pack v4.5

- Royale Dark HD Remix Pack v4.5

- Royale HD Remix Pack v4.5

- Longhorn Remix Pack v4.5

- Longhorn Uber Remix Pack v4.5

- OS9 Remix Pack v4.5

- iOS10 Remix Pack v4.5




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