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Next Version Of Os X


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I think Jaguar was enough. No more cat names..

Anyway, does anyone have any idea when the new update wil be? I don't know how old the news is. All I know is I am pissed off at Apple for releasing so many versions in such little time, since I was planning to buy an iBook with Jag and I aint too keen to spend more for a new version of OS X. Also, with each new version, we have to remake all our WB and msstyles themes :P:D ..

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Nah. I doubt they will change much. I mean Jaguar was their main finalized version of OS X they said. So if they come out with new version, which I haven't heard yet, then it won't be anything big. It will kinda be like the version from 10 to 10.1 or whatever those two earlier versions were. This is probably just a polish up. Nothing will really change drastically from the finalized Jaguar, just small updates and such. Unless they come out with OS XI, which I doubt will happen. ;) And whatever the update, if there is an update it is bound to be not as expensive as the 10.2 Jaguar version was. Apple is already releasing updates for download at their site.

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Originally posted by smoke@Dec 9 2002, 06:40 PM

News update: Apple gets tired of big cat names and  starts using house cat ones. The next version of OSX will be codenamed: "Tabby". jk

ha! Actually, quite alot of ppl have already (jokingly) said that OS X.4 will be 'Kitty' :D

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Originally posted by ZzPcPzZ@Dec 9 2002, 07:57 PM

im really sure about this one OSX 10.69 build 1069  codename "Pussy (cat) "

heh just a joke.. if they do make another os for apple, i just cant wait to see its GUI!

I doubt the gui is gonna look much different. They may add a few new color themes and such but nothing much is gonna change. ;)

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