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[release] Automate Sysfile Modding

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Originally posted by fabscher@Sep 13 2004, 04:31 PM

I tryed to translate english files to italian

copy.cmd works

extract.cmd works

extract_language.cmd works

modify.cmd works

modify_language.cmd doesn't works

replace.cmd doesn't works

restore.cmd doesn't works

what I'm doing wrong????

:cry:  :cry:


Did you modify the language resorces in the "resources" folder (using reshacker or similar tool, the files are in the subfolders and are called DIALOG.res, MENU.res and STRINGTABLE.res for each) after using extract_language.cmd? As stated in the readme, this cannot be automated. Some of the steps involved are opening the .res files, changing the language ID (sorry can't help with italian, i only know the codes for german, which is 1031, and english, 1033) and editing the resources themselves. You have to pretty much figure out yourself though. -_-

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