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Originally posted by LoofyGun@Nov 26 2003, 05:07 PM

I like when people have helpful "answers". :P

Helpful, but incomplete. More than I can say for your response.

Brainbug, YzDock "installed" in different directories may run simultaneously, but I (for one) don't know if OD will be able to do the same. You may try installing OD on two different folders and see if two instances are allowed.

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I just use Yz and Object dock problem solved

There is one small problem with this combination. You can not have ObjectDock "always on top" and Yz's Dock "not always on top".

School example: Try for yourself) :smartass:

Have both docks "on top", then uncheck "always on top" on the Yz menu, and voila! ObjectDock goes to the background and stays there, but Yz's Dock (which we wanted to stick to the desktop) remains on top. To get ObjectDock back "on top" you'll have to check the option on Yz again and then restart ObjectDock.

Not a big issue, but irritating when I don't want my "side dock" to show up as soon as I touch the edge.

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not having played with dual monitor setups, what's to stop you from simple adding another dock to the system (if you can tell it hop over into the other monitor) you can have an endless number of docks floating around, really no need for the program to run more then once (unless you're looking to waste more ram or something)

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The thing I hated about ObjectDock + is the fact that you cannot close one dock and open another. When you close one they both close where as Yz you could run two independent docks one with general shortcuts one with developer shortcuts and could close one of the docks if you liked.

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RocketDock is freeware, it let's you decide which monitor to use, and can be installed more than once in same computer if you install it in "portable mode" each time.

So, the only thing you need is to install RocketDock twice, in "portable mode" both times and of course a different folder for each one (for e.g. C:\Program Files\RocketDock_1 and C:\Program Files\RocketDock_2), and put the first one in first monitor and the second one in second monitor. ;)

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