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Plugin - Global Multimedia Keys

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How do i uninstall the plugin? I deleted the dll but its still showing in itunes as being installed in View>Visualiser. Hotkeys are still not working properly


Turns out deleted the plugin still doesn't fix the problem in iTunes 7.1. well done apple. *sarchasicly slow clapping*

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If you have a multimedia keyboard with Play, Stop, etc. buttons, you've probably noticed that those keys only work if the iTunes window is the active window.

this plugin fixes it :D

You should put it in C:Program FilesiTunesPlug-Ins :)

THANKS so much wow this plugin is amazing you have no idea how irritating it is to have to go into itunes to change songs etc.

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Great job on this.

I have been looking for something like this for my Dell E1505.

It works great except for one thing.... When iTunes is minimized then the combo play/pause button pauses the music but for only about half a second. Also when you hit stop when iTunes is minimized then the play button wont restart the music.

I used my multimedia volume buttons to control system volume so the fact that they dont control the itunes volume doesnt matter for me.

Otherwise this is a greatly appreciated plugin.


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Spent like 3 hours googling to fix this problem and finally found this, thought it would work but it didn't! :(

Any ideas why? Microsoft Multimedia Keyboard. Best drivers, works with Windows Media Player perfect. iTunes will work if I have it selected, but if I'm in a game or checking websites it will not work. So annoying. Any other ideas why it won't?

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hey that update for global hotkeys that apple did worked. but i just updated to itunes 7.3 and it no long works anymore. im trying to find that plugin folder so i can put this script in but i think that might of removed it. anyone else having this same problem or can help me fix mine. i have a dell inspiron 9300

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Hey Localhost!

I have been searching for the addon you made for itunes. (The one that made an inactive window able to switch song with hotkeys).

Although I'm running windows vista at the moment, and when I have your addon enabled, then the "aero" theme dosen't work, it simply switch back to the standard theme.

I don't expect you to know anything about vista, but you might have an idea why your addon cause this :)

Anyways, i'd love to hear from you.

Best regards, Jonas Lind

By the way, I will probally not visit these forums again, since I only joined as member to download your plugin.

so, if you wish to reply to my message, then please send an e-mail to Jonasnlind@gmail.com

I am writing this message here, since Localhost got his "pm" quota filled, sorry for sending this irrelevant to the public forums.

On the other hand, if you guys got an anwser then I would love to hear from you too!

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I was wondering what you used to write Global Multimedia Keys and if possible for you to send me a copy of the source code. I want it to stop controlling iTunes when windows media player is open. If you dont want to release it could you at least give me some pointers on how to create my own version? Thanks.

-Jeremy Sloane

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