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Host! :S


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Right now my website (aodnetwork.com) is on Liquidweb hosting and before that it was on phpwebhosting and I highly recommend both companies to you, Timan, especially Liquidweb. While I understand not everyone has the money to spend for their hosting (which is quite expensive) I must say I have not had a problem with performance or uptime...the same goes for php (which is a little cheaper). :)

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Originally posted by bill@Nov 16 2002, 03:02 AM

Timan, why not go for something more reliable and cheaper?

You should check into this...


PM/E-mail me if you are interested, because I can get you and even sweeter deal :)

:huh: sorry but i've used them a year ago, they ripped me off and took my cc #, had to issue a new one, just didnt like that :( .

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