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[release] Td 4.0 Panther

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TD 4.0 Panther




After a delay of 4 months people rightly believed this theme would never get released. This was in part due to this theme being a joint effort between Three Drives and Aquafying legend Iceman. Iceman took it upon himself to make this theme a worthy Panther sequel to his famous Jaguar 2.01 visual style. Shortly before release 3 months ago, and with only very small details still needing to be done Iceman mysteriously disappeared. Work on this theme therefore ceased until he could return.

He never did, and is still MIA. But this theme had to be released somehow, and with the help of the talented members below it is finally released as a joint effort.

Thank you all for having persevered and I hope you enjoy the theme!


TD 4.0


Credits of the Intl. crew:

Three Drives (on a Vinyl - Greece 2000 (York Remix))


EMRE6969, True Bogaz cocugu, from Beylerbeyi, Istanbul. Just somebody who wanted a 1:1 Panther theme for Windows.

teamno1@yahoo.com ---Taxim.




From Mexico, the Aqua Jesus himself, creator of the legendary Iceman Jaguar 2.01 visual style based on Apple Jaguar OSX 10.2. The living legend among the old school aquafiers. Currently MIA.




From the UK, the man who literally saved this theme from going under. After Iceman's unexplained disappearance from the face of the net, B0se offered his expertise in the field of Visual styles. He turned out to amaze everyone with his very advanced skills at theming. Check out his other awesome styles at:




A 3D Animator all the way from LA, the one person who had total free reign to say just how badly our work sucked and suggest ways to improve it. Endless source of late night (read: 06:45 AM) Mac screenshots. Handy if your living 8 hours back in time.




From Puerto Rico. Master themer who so kindly allowed us to use his Smoothstripes theme as a base for TDK 3.0 and offered tremendous help. Check out his amazing themes at:




From Germany, creator of the famous MusicMatch 4.1 iTunes skin. Always offered to help out no matter how difficult the task. The most enthousiastic member by a long shot. Check out his MusicMatch skin in the www.aqua-soft.org forums!




From the USA. The only sane person among this lot. Always ready to offer a helping hand in the form of "there's someone I know..."

This man knows everyone.



Also from he USA. Another old school Aqua themer, helped tremendously with several key theming issues. Check his excellent work at:

http://ja450n.deviantart.com/ and http://ja450n.ipfox.com/



From Japan, the one who actually started this idea off. Susumu was the first to make a panther theme, which was modded by Three Drives as soon as it came out, called S3D Panther (search the www.aqua-soft.org forums). Later Susumu's panther base gave way to KoL's smooth stripes.


Mr. Yamaguchi


Also from Japan, creator of the wonderful Y'z Dock 0.83, still the best dock out there for Apple Mac emulation. Unfortunately it was so good, that its development and distribution were stopped by Apple. Rumour has it that somewhere on the net it still exists.

Also creator of Y's Shadow 1.09, a wonderful little shadowing app, a copy of which is included with this theme.




For the wonderful blue and white Apple wallpaper.



Made in Istanbul, Jan 10th 2004

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Thank you all.

@Buddyd16: We decided to use a font that was identical to OsX10.3, In a few rare cases the font doesn't fit in the buttons.

But this was favoured instead of having the font smaller everywhere.

PS: The Old TD3.3 uses smaller fonts if you compare you'll see why we went for this type!

Thanks all, it means alot to me that all of you hung in there!

Thank you all for your comments!


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Originally posted by cuckoodu@Jan 10 2004, 10:36 PM

Simply amazin' but yes how can we change the default font when sometimes we'd like to???


change font sizes there.. just make sure to change the bar sizes too or else the pretty aqua minimize/maximize buttons will get lopped off a bit

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ThreeDrives, my man, very good m8...After IM with you for the past 6 or so months and having spent some wonderfully enjoyable 'chat time' with you over many libations (lol), now get your very nice TDK_4 off to Kevin Mac so that he may start on his Plastic Pro 2 port for Windows!


;) (Y) :staffs here:

P.S. Special thanks to Mr. b0se for his time and hard work spent on this, helping to finally make this VS a reality...lol, on such short notice!

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A tramendous effort and a tramendous outcome never the less!

this was indeed well worth waiting.

ThreeDrives, you deserve the honorable place among other skinning legends that you mentioned before.

Only thing i can say is, thank you.

PS It was really nice of you to mention all the people that helped you. (Y)

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