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[release] Td 4.0 Panther

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Originally posted by Keith@Jan 11 2004, 05:38 AM


In Windows, the glyphs cannot be reordered, therefore we had a choice of keeping real OSX glyph functioning (i.e. green maximises, yellow minimises), or keeping real OSX glyph colour sequencing. (I.e. Green, Yellow, Red).

We chose for having it look exactly like OSX, and chose the latter.


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Its one small step for 3D one giant leap for the Aqua-Emulation world.

Its was also a freaking long step 3d, youre becoming quite the coach potato, stand up and start running ;)

Now people, dont ask about Plastic Pro 2 when the name of the thread says TD Panther 4.0.

Great ork 3D!!!!! (Y) :rule: :bow: :who's your daddy: ;):D

PS: Bolero, this is the second big release you have taken away from me, i will have to kill you ;):lol:

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