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[release] Td 4.0 Panther

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Originally posted by ako9000@Jan 11 2004, 04:37 PM

@Pe7er: so you know le raï in Poland?????  :blink: How come? Why oh WHY?

I think it's normal. You know, radiostations broadcat a lot of songs, French too...Apart of that I'm learning French and sometimes we listen to some French songs... ;)

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Accurate caption bar, accurate glyphs, accurate buttons, magical 1 pixel boarders, ...this is as good as "return of the king", I deeply appreciate this, hail to 3D and the fellowship of the TD 4.0 Panther. :order:

Thank you . . . . . . . .

@ThreeDrives: Some questions, what was the final touch you wanted Iceman "the white" to help with? And...Will there be blue/graphite variations added in the future? Or you'll be working on Pro Plastic 2.0 first?

simply... (Y)



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Originally posted by Nate@Jan 11 2004, 03:44 AM

Three Drives, please tell me you included graphite in this version.

yes graphitewouild be nice. graphite isn't here, though and the buttons have the wrong colors (yellow is minimize in osx but it is maximize here) but the rest of the theme is PERFECT!

EDIT: i forgot to say i didn't think i was ever going to use y'z dock again (fast but i need the taskbar) so if you give me permission i will host the dock background when i convert it to mobydock.

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Thank you all so much for your comments. It is comments like these that make this worthwhile.

Now, onto your questions:


What Iceman had planned to do that isn't curently in the theme? Well pretty much everything he wanted to do we took care of. Apart from maybe one idea he had, which was to make a Mac like start menu. I.e. a start menu with the whole right side (Documents, Computer, Controlpanel, etc) gone.

Also we thought of removing the logoff and shutdown buttons altogether so that the menu would be very Mac like. Users would then need to shutdown via ALT-F4 or via an app such as iShut.

We actually had a beta theme running like this but we abandoned the idea.

As for the blue - graphite variations, there probably will be, but right now I'm waiting for Kevin to get back to me on PP2. He trusted me and waited 4 months.


The WMP skin is called itunes4 for wmp7 tomicchi translation by Richard C. Unfortunately I lost the link. But StevieBM has a very good WMP skin.


Regardig the glyph colouring issue, it's as I said on page 3 of this thread:

"In Windows, the glyphs cannot be reordered, therefore we had a choice of keeping real OSX glyph functioning (i.e. green maximises, yellow minimises), or keeping real OSX glyph colour sequencing. (I.e. Green, Yellow, Red).

We chose for having it look like OSX, and chose the latter."

PS: Permission granted on the dock background.


You do not see the system icons used in the screenshot, or the copying.avi, because this is an .msstyle a visual style. To get the system icons and the copying .avi you need to replace your System files (.dll's)

The entire process of system files is explained here:


As for the copying progress bar, search the forum for Susumu progress bar. When you have it you'll need to use reshacker to insert it into your shell32.dll:

In the AVI section, entries 160 through 165 of your shell32.dll


Many potatoes and 15 miles/week.

@Wind: Thank you very much for your kind words.


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