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[release] Td 4.0 Panther

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thanks for the awesome theme three drives, it was well worth the wait. (Y)

though like most things, i have one small problem. when i use WinFX (latest) and enable my shadows, i get a transparent border added around all my windows. it looks like WinFX dosent like 0 pxl themes. does anyone know how to fix this? or am i just overlooking an option in WinFX?

again, thanks for the theme!


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thanks keith, i used to use y's shadow, but i find winfx does a better and smoother job these days.

ill have a go with your suggestions three drives, because with the shadowing, this theme is drool worthy. :lol:

though playing around will have to wait till im back from work.

//tested at work (oh its good to install software when you need it)

//under the options for shadows theres a 'modify button'

//in those options there is an 'adjust shadows for curved windows' button.

//ticking that removed the strange transparency. :D


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Ya allmost like the real thing.

For me now, it's the most realistic port of panther for windows

The only thing I don't like on the vs are some fonts. I hope someone in the future will port better fonts that are sharper & smoother like the original wanne :wub:

Big Greets

Naughty Dogg

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I agree, of all the fonts that are out there, the Captionbar font is a 1:1 match.

The dialog button fonts are almost also a 1:1 match.

A better font needs to be created for use in the taskbar.

For the tabs, again this font we used is the one that is most like Panther of all the fonts + shadowing settings we tried, but again a better one needs to be developed.

All in all with the current fonts that are out there this is the closest match.

But I do hope we'll see some new font releases by people soon, so we can make it even better.


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